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Help Support LVC

We work hard all year long to sing in harmony, expand our repertoire and our skills, and to share the fun of barbershop with our friends, old and new.  And, while we do earn money from many of our performances, our expenses (rent, insurance, music, direction, coaching, costumes, etc.) exceed our performance income. The rest of our budget comes from dues and fundraising, and we work hard to raise money so that LVC’s dues can be as affordable as possible for every woman who joins.​


​Please consider the following ways to help us:

  • Follow us on Facebook.

  • ​Attend our performances and annual show.

  • Share us with your friends and relatives!

Shop with Raise Right

Donate money to LVC and your favorite LVC member—at no cost to you—every time you shop, travel, gas up the car, or eat out. Contact us to see how you can participate.

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